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The eMags Are Here!

By E. P. Ned Burke

I've been galloping all over the Internet countryside like Paul Revere recently warning the populace of the imminent invasion of electronic magazines.

But few hear my call or heed my words.

One guy even stopped and asked me, "What the heck are Emags?"

Ah, there was the problem, I thought.

So my fellow citizens, let me explain.

Emags are electronic magazines, or, at least, it is my chosen term for all electronic or digital magazines. Some may call such magazines as e-zines. This term however has been so watered-down that it is now used for everything from a small one-page newsletter to a carefully crafted 48-page magazine.

Recently, I scanned the web and found a LinkedIn forum using the term "maglets" for my beloved magazines. Eeeek!

That did it. I made up my mind to convince the masses that "emags" was a much better moniker.

I know some of you purists will argue that it should be "e-mags" with the hyphen.

Perhaps, but let me point out that most people don't like that hyphen. A Google search will prove that many of us prefer to use "ebooks" rather than "e-books" and "emails" rather than "e-mails" because it is simply one less stroke and still conveys the idea. We are a lazy lot, and it is best to face up to that fact of life.

I also point out that Steve Jobs (perhaps the most brilliant entrepreneur and promoter the world has ever seen) didn't use a hyphen for his beloved iMacs, iPhones, iPods or iPads and he has done quite well, thank you.

So, I say again, let us unite and call all such true magazines as Emags from now on. The name Emags is easy to write, type and recall. And Emags makes perfect sense and is quickly understood (except for that one dumb guy) when referring to electronic magazines that are being downloaded daily to computers or hand-held devices.

In fact, there is now an Emags site on the web to promote such magazines.

Trust me, It is just a matter of time before the Redcoats' onslaught of these downloadable magazines will be everywhere. And if we aren't in agreement what to call them or don't have a proper name for them, there will be utter chaos.

So harken to my call: "The Emags are here!"

Ok, who said it's time to get down from my high horse?

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